Tuesday, 20 March 2012


1. SLR Camera 2. Nike Blazers 3. Zara shopper bag 4. Beats Solo headphones 5. iPad 6. Christian Louboutin daffodile pumps. 7. Burberry Foldable Sunglass. 8. Jeffery Campbell's Lita. 
So this is not in any particular order in what I like or want the most BUT on my #1 priority list is the SLR camera; Jennifer has one and every everytime she brings it out I am so hating and jealous but I shall get one in JESUS NAME. Amen. :)

My wish list is more to do with items of clothing more than anything, I feel as though I have most things I wanted so I've been really basic here, my next few things I will get is summer wear so my ray bands, hat, skirt and blazer is a MUST fingers cross everything else would follow!!!!


  1. great wishlist :) I'm lusting after those jeffrey campbell's also! they're so hot :D



  2. Thanks Rebekah, we both love the litas so much and can't wait to get them. x \0/

  3. Casio,Litas and Ipad definately!

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