Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Items of the moment

Jennifer's item of the moment

I hadn't brought a pair of trainers in 7 years I know shocker, but I didn't really class myself as a trainers person. I've always loved everything about the nike blazers but just never brought it upon myself to buy them, until I needed trainers for running I thought I might as well kill 2 birds with one stone so here they are :D

Ilone's item of the moment

My favourite item right now is my zara bag. This bag is so useful for any occasion it fits everything. I take it so Uni, Church and also when im travelling i take it everywhere beacuse it is big and it can fit everything you need it in and still make your outfit look sexy and sophisicated. I would but every colour if I had the money. It is just perfect :)
Highly recommended!!


  1. OMG NIKE VINTAGE BLAZERS <333333 TOO MUCH LOVE! I am so upset I cannot find a uk 5.5 anywhere, so annoying. Love the colour, and love the bag! I think your blog is a great idea; 2 friends on a journey! Defo following!

    Love Nails. Love Obsession-Lacquer.



  2. Thank you very much, we'll be taking nail tips from you hehhe, thanks. x